The zoological-botanical garden Wilhelma is always worth a visit.

Discover Wilhelma in Stuttgart

Our hotel Wartburg is centrally located in the city center of the Swabian metropolis Stuttgart. Within walking distance you can reach the Königstraße with its numerous shopping opportunities, restaurants and bars in just a few minutes. In addition to numerous shopping opportunities and exciting culinary highlights, the Swabian capital also has a variety of impressive sights and exciting leisure activities to offer. One of the oldest and probably also most popular destinations is the zoological-botanical garden Wilhelma in Stuttgart, which has reopened on a regular basis since the beginning of the corona pandemic in March 2021. Construction of the historic palace complex, in which Wilhelma is embedded today, began as early as 1846. Around 100 years later, a zoo was added to the botanical garden created there. Learn more about the park and its history here.

Discover an incredible biodiversity

Today, Wilhelma is home to around 1214 animal species on an area of 30 hectares. This makes the park-like zoo one of the most species-rich in the world. Every year, more than 1.6 million visitors flock to Wilhelma to marvel at the approximately 11,000 animals from all continents of the world. But it is not only the great diversity of the animal kingdom that can be marveled at. Over 8,500 different plant species enchant visitors anew every time. Stroll through the botanical show houses and enjoy the flair in the large greenhouses. You will notice how impressive it is to immerse yourself from the urban environment into the tropical climate of the rainforest. In addition to the impressive botany, an insectarium and a butterfly hall attract all kinds of colorful butterflies.

Prices and opening hours Wilhelma Stuttgart

Wilhelma Prices: There are two different tariffs for the visit. There is a normal tariff and a discounted winter tariff, which is valid from the beginning of November until the end of February. Adults pay 15 instead of 20 euros during the winter rate, tickets for young people and children cost 5.50 instead of 8 euros, and admission is free for children under 6. Wilhelma opening hours: Currently, the outdoor areas are open daily from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and the houses open their doors from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For a smooth planning of your stay it is important to know that tickets can currently only be booked online. Please also inform yourself about the currently valid Corona regulations at Wilhelma. At the moment, only a limited number of visitors will be admitted, but the duration of your visit is not limited in time. You can therefore enjoy your stay at your leisure. Mouth and nose protection must be worn inside the houses as well as at designated places in the outdoor areas. Short-term changes to the opening hours as well as to the currently valid 3G regulation are possible at any time. Current information about your visit to Wilhelma can be found here. We will be happy to help you at the reception desk and answer your questions about the current pandemic regulation.

Animal attractions

At Wilhelma, there is a great variety of animal species to discover and marvel at. We have put together a small selection of the zoo inhabitants for you:

Bear and climbing animals
In the rocky outdoor enclosure you can observe a spectacled bear and two maned wolves. In the adjacent enclosure, there are ibexes to see, climbing in their naturally designed rocky environment as if gravity did not apply to them. Wilhelma's rock enclosure also includes the area where you used to be able to marvel at the polar bears with the famous polar bear cub "Wilbär". Today, there is an enclosure for cheetah breeding, which has already been successful several times. Thus, in April 2021, the snow leopard triplets Dawa, Karma and Nyima were born.

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Aquarium and terrarium
In the large crocodile hall, which was completely renovated in 2006, live representatives of the inguinal crocodiles and small Australian crocodiles. Relatively close and yet from a safe distance, you can watch the notorious reptiles lurking here. Tip: Every Monday at 2 pm there is a show feeding here! You should not miss this. If you've always wanted to get a close-up look at poisonous snakes without the risk of being bitten, you'll get your money's worth here. Besides the well-known rattlesnake, there are countless snake species in the most dazzling colors in the terrariums. Tarantulas and tarantulas, scorpions, poison dart frogs and all kinds of other exotic creatures also await your visit at Wilhelma. Admire a real coral reef in the aquarium house and make the acquaintance of clownfish & co. Over 600 species of fish and invertebrates can be discovered here.

The operators of Wilhelma are particularly proud of the new great ape house, which is home to the African great ape species gorillas and the bonobo apes. The group of bonobos consists of 16 conspecifics and is currently the largest group living together in a zoo. In the extensive outdoor area, the animals enjoy fresh air and free space and can be observed by visitors almost as if they were in the wild, playing and romping. Of course, the two species mentioned are by no means the only representatives of their kind. It is almost unbelievable what great variety of species of our closest relatives awaits your visit at Wilhelma. Discover: Orangutans Squirrel monkeys Dwarf marmosets Jumping tamarins Gold-fronted spider monkeys White-handed gibbons Hooded langurs Squirrel monkeys Red-faced macaques Howler monkeys White-headed macaques Golden-headed lion monkeys.

Sea lions
A very special attraction is the feeding of the California sea lions, which takes place every day at 11 am and 3 pm. Watching the little tricks is great fun for young and old! The keepers take great care to ensure that the games are not only fun for the humans, but also for the animals. There is splashing, clapping and swimming that it is a real pleasure. You should not miss this spectacle.

Show farm with petting zoo
At Wilhelma, the show farm is very exciting for the little ones, because there are animals here that you can experience up close. With its pigs, African dwarf goats and camera sheep, chickens, Shetland ponies and other animal friends, the Schaubauerhof invites visitors to watch and marvel. Some of the animals may be stroked and even fed. An unforgettable experience - not only for the little guests.

News: Let yourself be enchanted - in the Christmas Garden
The enchanting "Christmas Garden" has been taking place at Wilhelma since 2018. The magically illuminated circular path stretches over two kilometers through parts of the zoological-botanical garden and is lined with a sea of lights consisting of millions of points of light. Framed by festive melodies, video installations and light artworks create a magical atmosphere that puts you in the perfect mood for the holidays. After a year-long Corona hiatus, the Christmas Garden finally opens its doors again from 11/18-21 to 1/16-22. It's best to plan your visit a few days in advance and book here:

Arrival and parking

Public transport
Getting to Wilhelma is very easy with public transport, because Wilhelma has its own stop. From the main train station you can reach Wilhelma in about 8 minutes with the U14 in the direction of Mühlhausen. You can find more connections here:

Arrival by car
From Hotel Wartburg you can reach Wilhelma in just 16 minutes if you take the fastest route via the B27 and Pragstraße. Due to construction work in the area of the mineral baths, however, there are currently increased traffic jams. View route in Google Maps

Parking at Wilhelma multi-storey parking lot
The parking garage holds 800 vehicles. A parking space in the parking garage can currently only be booked online:
Current information about your visit can be found here:

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